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Teres 300 mounted reversible plough

A new league of mounted ploughs – higher speeds with minimum wear.
With the Teres 300 mounted reversible plough, AMAZONE is offering a new mounted plough with 4, 5, and 6 shares for tractors having a power rating up to 300 HP. The Teres 300 V, with hydraulic working width adjustment, or the VS with hydraulic working width adjustment and hydraulic stone release system, are equipped with the variable furrow width adjustment as standard.


Tyrok 400 semi-mounted reversible plough

New flagship in the plough range – higher speed for higher output with minimum wear.
With the Tyrok 400, AMAZONE now launches a completely new semi-mounted reversible plough in a choice of seven, eight, or nine furrows for the 400 HP tractor class. The main features of this plough are its higher output, even under continuous load, perfect quality of work and outstanding robustness. At the same time, the Tyrok offers a high level of comfort thanks to its very simple...


Cobra-2TX trailed shallow cultivator

The perfect very shallow working system - shredding, cutting, mixing as well as reconsolidation as an option.
The new Cobra 6-stagger shallow cultivator from AMAZONE is characterised by its universal use and will be available in working widths of 6 m and 7 m.

TopCut (2) Werkzeugtraeger_d0_nr_DJI_1091_d1_211005

Project: TopCut tool carrier

Will the stubble cultivating in the future be ultra-shallow?
The subject of soil tillage is gaining more and more significance in the purchasing process on farms. The bigger the problems with lack of moisture, chemical resistance and the requirement for reducing the amount of plant protection agents, the more important the correct soil tillage becomes. A particular emphasis is placed on the initial stubble cultivation.


Pneumatische Aufbausämaschine Centaya 3000 Special

Zur Sima 2022 erweitert AMAZONE das Programm der pneumatischen Aufbausämaschinen um die Centaya 3000 Special. Der neue Produkttyp im Produktbereich Centaya löst die Aufbausämaschine AD-P Special ab. Die Centaya Special wird in den Behältergrößen von 1.000 l und 1.500 l und einer Arbeitsbreite von 3 m angeboten. Die pneumatische Aufbausämaschine kann mit dem RoTeC-Einscheibenschar oder mit dem TwinTeC Special-Doppelscheibenschar ausgestattet werden.


Aufbausämaschine Centaya-C für die kombinierte Aussaat

Zur AMAZONE erweitert das Produktprogramm der pneumatischen Aufbausämaschinen um die neue Centaya-C. Die Besonderheit der Säkombination liegt in dem neuen 2.000 l fassenden 2-Kammerbehälter. Damit wird die Ausbringung von mehreren Fördergütern bei einer Überfahrt möglich. Erhältlich ist die neue Centaya-C Super in Arbeitsbreiten von 3, 3,5 und 4 m.


Mikrogranulatstreuer Micro plus

Für die schnelle Jugendentwicklung der Pflanze: Eine Überfahrt – Zwei Medien ausbringen.
AMAZONE bietet für die pneumatischen Anbausäkombinationen AD-P 3001 Special, Centaya 3000 Special und Centaya 3000 Super den universell einsetzbaren Mikrogranulatstreuer Micro plus an. Das Behältervolumen beträgt 110 l.


Einzelkorn-Sämaschine Precea 6000-2AFCC Super

Präzise, intuitiv und schlagkräftig! Mit der neuen Precea 6000-2AFCC ergänzt AMAZONE sein am Markt einzigartiges Angebot der im 3-Punkt-Anbau gekuppelten Einzelkorn-Sämaschinen. Die optimale Kombination aus robustem Kreiselgrubber KG und präziser Einzelkorn-Sämaschine Precea steigert die Leistungsstärke. Ab jetzt auch mit einer Arbeitsbreite von 6 m und 8 Reihen.

Schmotzer-Hacktechnik Venterra (1) Schmotzer_DSC08659_d1_210930

SCHMOTZER Venterra 2K hoes

For high performance and high work rates as well as flexible working times - The Venterra 2K hoes combine an unrivalled passage with a maximised lift height of the parallelograms of almost 50 cm, which opens up new possibilities for mechanical weed control, even in very late crop growth stages.


FT-P 1502 self-contained front tank

FT-P 1502 self-contained front tank - The versatile partner in modern crop production! AMAZONE has developed the FT-P 1502 self-contained front tank based on the successful technology of the UF-02 crop protection sprayers.
The FT-P 1502 front tank is the ideal partner for any application of liquid products. These include hoes with band sprayers, seed drills with liquid fertiliser equipment and many others.


UX 7601 Super and UX 8601 Super trailed sprayers

Maximum output in a most compact and most manoeuvrable form! The completely newly developed UX 7601 Super with an actual volume of 8,000 l and UX 8601 Super with an actual volume of 9.000 l provide maximum tank capacity on one axle. They feature compact overall dimensions with an extremely low centre of gravity for optimum stability and a low weight and high payload.


DirectInject direct feed system

Quick, flexible and needs-based metered addition of plant protection agents.
The demands on farmers and technology are constantly increasing with regard to plant protection. Flexibility in the selection of plant protection agents in the field becomes an increasingly important point here. From a plant establishment perspective, the needs-based application of specific products and active ingredients only in sections or on individual fields is a frequent response.


AMAZONE UX SmartSprayer

Spot Farming at the highest level now in field use.
AMAZONE started practical field trials of the UX 5201 SmartSprayer trailed sprayer with its 36 metre boom during the spring season 2022. The SmartSprayers were deployed over many countries in large agricultural businesses and demonstrated the potential of part-area, specific plant protection.


AMAZONE beteiligt sich am Start-up AgXeed

Die AMAZONE-Gruppe stärkt ihre Entwicklungskooperation mit dem niederländischen Start-up AgXeed B.V. über eine finanzielle Beteiligung an dem Unternehmen. Als weiterer Landtechnikpartner ist CLAAS über die Seed Green Innovations GmbH neben anderen Investoren beteiligt.