TwinTeC special double disc coulter

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The new coulter for perfect depth control and easy handling for the Cataya Special 

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In 2019, the Cataya conventional drill range was extended by the addition of the compact Cataya Special with 650 l seed hopper and the RoTeC single disc coulter.

TwinTeC special double disc coulter

Thanks to the QuickLink quick coupling system, the Cataya Special can be very easily be combined with the relevant soil tillage tool. It is possible to have a rotary harrow, a rotary cultivator or a combination with the CombiDisc compact disc harrow.

AMAZONE is now offering the TwinTeC special double disc coulter for the Cataya Special. The short, compact Cataya Special has been designed for tractors starting from 120 hp and, together with the TwinTeC special double disc coulter, is the perfect machine for ploughing and mulch sowing on small to medium-sized farms. The double disc coulter, carried on a single arm, and having a diameter of 340 mm provides for smooth running with its maximum coulter pressure up to 40 kg. The Control 50 depth guidance roller keeps the coulter at a constant depth and the seed is precisely placed and then embedded in the soil. Very even longitudinal distribution along the row, precise depth control and outstanding field emergence are achieved at forward speeds of up to 10 km/h. 

Comfortable coulter adjustment


Any adjustments to the TwinTeC special double disc coulter on the Cataya Special are easily carried out centrally by means of the universal operating tool on the rear of the machine. The placement depth is adjusted on the left and right behind the machine using two hexagon-section shafts. The coulter pressure is controlled centrally in the middle at the back of the machine via a spindle.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Maintenance-free TwinTeC special double disc coulters for perfect depth control
  • Operator-friendly handling


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