Pantera 4504-HW self-propelled sprayer with Comfort-Pack plus

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Higher and wider with tremendous stability and maximum operating comfort

The Pantera self-propelled sprayer is now available with the new high-clearance chassis, which allows flexible, hydraulic adjustment of both the ground clearance and the track width.

Maximum flexibility

Pantera 4504-HW

The Pantera-HW self-propelled field sprayer is extremely versatile with a track width adjustment range of 2.25 m to 3 m with a ground clearance of 1.25 m or 2.45 m to 3.2 m (maximum 3.3 m) with a ground clearance of 1.7 m. 



In spite of its higher centre of gravity, the Pantera 4504-HW turns out to be very stable and can be flexibly used in a wide variety of crops and row spacings. In particular, contractors looking to offer a flexible plant protection service across a wide range of customers and crops can clearly increase the scope of crop protection treatments possible. 

Better protection for both machine and plants

In addition to the standard drive wheel motor guards with additional drive wheel gearbox covers, crop dividers and the underbelly cover, AMAZONE offers three more optional extras on the Pantera-HW for optimum protection of the crop.

Drive wheel motor guard on the Pantera 4504-HW
Drive wheel gearbox cover and crop divider on the Pantera 4504-HW

Crop-saving SunflowerKit

The SunflowerKit was specially developed for the Pantera-HW, in order to be able to carry out plant protection and fertiliser applications in tall sunflower crops without causing too much plant damage. The kit consists of crop dividers, wheel housings and a shaped, flexible underbelly sheet. The crop dividers precisely separate the plants between the rows directly in front of the tyres. Thanks to the profile of the underbelly sheet and the properties of the flexible material, the sunflowers gently slide under the machine without hindrance.

Pantera 4504-HW in action in a Hungarian sunflower crop

Flying high with the lifting module

The optional lift module 700 can be used to raise the Super-L2 boom by a further 70 cm. When used with this lift module, the Pantera-HW has an application height of 3.85 m, measured from the lower edge of the nozzle. 

Pantera 4504-HW with lift module

The advantages at a glance:

  • Angled lifting cylinders provide tremendous stability
  • Larger track width in combination with the high-clearance chassis for maximum flexibility
  • Large clearance under the machine
  • An application height of up to 3.85 m with the lift module

SmartCenter with Comfort-Pack plus for maximum comfort

Comfort-Pack plus for operation with maximum comfort

Handling is made especially comfortable by Comfort-Pack plus. Instead of operating taps, TwinTerminal 7.0 makes machine operation much easier with its pressure-sensitive touchscreen. The spray agent circuit is completely controlled solely via the touchscreen of the secondary terminal, which functions perfectly even when wearing gloves. The user just selects the desired function and the sprayer adjusts itself automatically!

TwinTerminal 7.0 can be operated with gloves without any problems

In the job computer, two individual filling profiles for different operators or applications can be stored. For filling then just the hose has to be coupled and the machine automatically fills the spray agent tank and fresh water rinse tank up to the desired tank fill level. As an option, the operator can select individually an adjustable pause in the filling of the spray agent tank.

Automatic and independent cleaning 

The complete sprayer along with the induction bowl can be cleaned fully automatically. For this purpose, the Pantera with Comfort-Pack plus is equipped with the following cleaning programs: intensive clean, quick clean and boom rinsing. In addition, after every filling procedure, the induction bowl can rinse itself on its own. 

High-capacity fresh water pump

Comfort-Pack plus includes a fresh water pump with an output capacity of 160 l/min. This can be used to supply the induction bowl with fresh water from the fresh water tank during bowser filling. The fresh water pump can be used to fill the fresh water tank and the spray agent tank in parallel via the suction port. The additional fresh water pump also enables faster cleaning of the Pantera.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Simple operation: select the function and the Pantera adjusts everything fully automatically
  • Maximum comfort: Automatic filling and automatic fill stop for both suction and bowser filling
  • Maximum safety: Fully automatic cleaning of the entire machine including induction bowl
  • Maximum capacity: automatic quick fill via the venturi after induction
  • Auto-dynamic agitation control